STRICTLY MALWARE uncovers and remediates a crypto mining attack against

Strictly Malware was involved in incident response activities which was recently investigated and remediated within an Energy Provider’s environment, this was confirmed to be part of an ongoing Lemon Duck Crypto Mining Attack campaign. This blog contains some of the process taken to arrive at the remediation stage of the malware activity noticed within our […]Read More

Investigating MyKings Malware Variant With Bootkit Persistence

MyKings Malware Variant With Bootkit Persistence INCIDENT DESCRIPTION This malware event was detected and blocked on the 16th of January, 2020, when a malicious application (winnts.exe) used a trusted application (powershell.exe) to download and run a malicious script from a malicious IP address. The malicious script was obtained and further analysis and Incident Response was […]Read More